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We make it easy to run your own points program. Just buy reward points and go!

A Web Rewards points program helps you influence the people who impact your business with a simple, easy, DIY reward points program. If you have a conservative annual incentives budget and you only want a bank of online rewards, why pay for a lot of extra technology and services you don’t need? Just buy Web Rewards reward points and start rewarding whoever, whenever and however you want! Participants in your program gradually accumulate reward points, which encourages long-term awareness and engagement with your brand or organization.
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Create your own Web Rewards points program in 4 easy steps.

  • Step 1 - Create your account and fund your rewards bank.
    Sign up with your name, business and email, then add any reward funding amount over $250.
  • Step 2 -Invite your participants.
    The first reward you send to a participant serves as their invitation to the points program. What better way to get participants excited about your program than a welcome gift to get them started?
  • Step 3 - Distribute reward points to participants.
    Distribute reward codes your program participants any time they engage in the behaviors you encourage. Offer employee rewards to boost productivity and performance, loyalty points to retain customers and more! How, when and why you reward is totally up to you. Once participants receive their reward codes, they claim them for reward points, which are redeemable in an online rewards catalog.
  • Step 4 -Participants spend rewards points in a merchandise rewards catalog.
    Once participants receive their reward points, they redeem those points for items in an online merchandise rewards mall. Our merchandise rewards include everything from electronics and entertainment to home goods and power tools!
Ready to get your points program show on the road? Creating your account takes minutes, then your point rewards will be motivating participants in no time!

Why spend your time and money on a reward program that’s too complex for your business objectives? With a Web Rewards account, you get just what you need to distribute rewards for employees, retain customers or motivate your team.


Web Rewards is a basic, online rewards solution designed for companies, departments and organizations in need of a simple, do-it-yourself rewards program that fits a smaller incentive budget. Web Rewards allows program managers to simply create an account, buy points and start rewarding program participants.


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